Soar With Natural Energy Boosters All Winter Long

Soar With Natural Energy Boosters All Winter Long

Natural Energy Boosters

Women’s Health (SGMAG) Feeling fatigued, sluggish or just plain tired this winter? According to scientist, you can get natural energy all day long without having to supplement your body with chemicals.

U.S.D.A. researchers say during winter months at certain set times our bodies show high energy levels while at other times we’re in slum mode. Seems they know why and have fast acting solutions to help you get your natural energy turned way up during winter months.

Tired During Morning Hours

Energy Boosters are all around your natural surroundings you just need know where to look.
During winter, spring, summer or fall our brains are supposed to produce energizing dopamine each morning to shake off sleepiness. Unfortunately, chronic stress can dampen dopamine output, leading to persistent a.m. tiredness, say Energy Boosters at USDA offices.

The Energy Boosters Fix: Get natural energy by giving yourself a three-minute scalp massage to stimulate dopamine production in the brain.

Tired By Mid-morning?

If your energy levels start to fade by mid-morning, the problem could be a lack of baron, a mineral essential for stimulating morning production of energizing brain waves.

Energy Boosters Fix: Eat about 1/2 cup of baron-rich almonds or raisins two hours after breakfast. Restoring you baron deficiency fires up your brain, ending mid-morning energy lack within a week’s time.

Feeling Sluggish After Lunch?

Researchers say the pancreas has its own rhythm, and early afternoon is when it’s most likely fail to ignite and cause blood sugar to dip to sleep-inducing levels!

Energy Boosters Fix: Eat a cup of berries. They’re rich in phenolic, compounds that control blood sugar. Berries contain lots of natural energy they also have compounds that inhibit growth of harmful intestinal bacteria thereby helping spike energy levels.

Tired at Dinnertime?

Our bodies rely on the miniscule pineal gland in the brain to produce sleep-inducing melatonin at bedtime. “But if this gland get out of sync with the sun, it can produce melatonin as early as suppertime,” says psychiatrist Norman Rosenthal, M.D., medical director of Maryland’s Capital Clinical Research Associates in Rockville.

Energy Boosters Fix: Turn up the music for natural energy output! Upbeat music will alert the pineal gland that bedtime is hours away and slow down its melatonin output.

By Ally Briscoe, Health

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February 4, 2014

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