Slash Your Holiday Energy Bills

Slash Your Holiday Energy Bills

Holiday Energy Bills

Save Money (SGMag) Those of us who save money on electric energy bills this holiday season will have more to spend on gifts. And with spending up this time of year — we’ll all need to pinch on something? Never fear — SGMag is here.

Save Money By Powering Off

Energy dependent decor is everywhere during the holidays and even though we hit the off button, many days our energy bills keep racking up. Why, because our electric lights and appliances keep drawing power — costing you as much as 6% higher rates for your monthly bill. Solution: Unplug everything – every night, or arrange the plugs to share a single power strip with easy flip switch that can end up saving money at the end of month.

Limit Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor light shows usually run all night and can end up costing you a pretty penny. Why not wait until dark to turn the lights on and cut the switch off just before bedtime. If you one to forget invest in an easy to use Light Sensing Timer for less than $20 — set it and forget it. You’ll save up to $38 per month per string of 100-bulb lights.

Save Money With LED Bulbs

Get rid of those old incandescent lights in favor of LED’s and be on your way to saving big time. Not only do LED’s last up t 10 times longer, but the ones with an Energy Star rating use 50% less power than traditional lights. Savings could add up to $4 per month per light string this season.

By Ally Briscoe

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December 16, 2013

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