IP Login

It is necessary to change all settings which are set by the manufacturer in the router like default IP address, username and password. Changing of all settings are ensuring the security of the devices and Wi-Fi connection. It is easier to hack the Wi-Fi connection than the wired internet connection. Hackers use tools and different tricks for hacking the password. You need to use all steps for securing your connection. Whatever you want to do with the router, you need to visit the router setting page. From the settings page, you can change all default information. You can setup internet connection. You can add security settings.
All routers have the unique IP address and that you can use for login the router. Web IP address does not match with the router IP address. All routers have a default IP address and that is changeable by the users. Manufacturers of the routers give permission to the users to change the IP address and other few things. However, it is not possible to change everything of the router but you can change all of those things which are necessary to do like IP address, SSID, username and password. Users should change all default settings as they can.
If your router use as default IP address, then you use this IP address to login the router. If you have typed the IP address correctly then the router popup page must come up. The popup page ask for the username and password that you need to put for entering the router. In case, you have types wrong IP address then no popup menu will arrive. Where you are asked for the username and password, give the username and password on the box according to the router. Check the router box or ask the vendors for the username and password. After filling those blank box, press the Enter key from the keyboard. You have just taken to the router setting page or visit 192ip website.
The router setting page can be different from router to router. You might be get puzzled if you see the interface router to router. But there are something very common for all routers. So, you need to worry about much. If you want to setup internet with the router then you need to fill some blank space in router. If your router allows Internet Setup Wizard tool, you should use that wizard tool. The wizard tool is better than manual settings. Manual setting is for the advanced users.
If you have logged in the router site, you have lot of duties. You need to change all default settings, rename the SSID name, security setting and internet setting. Based on the router and internet connection, you may add some more information. You may get help from your vendor or ISP for setting internet connection. You may change the default IP address to or anything like 192.168. 255.255. The IP address can be set from to Your new IP address will be the first step to login to your router page.